Top 3 Must Have Minecraft Mods for May

May 19, 2016

Inventory Pets

1. Journey Map All I can say is: WOW! JourneyMap is a great addition that can only enhance your Minecraft experience, whether in creative or in survival. JourneyMap introduces a mini-map that sits in the upper right corner of your screen and updates in real-time to show mobs, pets, creatures, and villagers. You can expand […]

LearnToMod on a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi + LearnToMod

Recently, we experimented with connecting LearnToMod to a Raspberry Pi. Now we’re able to control LEDs connected to the Raspberry Pi from inside Minecraft! Check out our instructions for how to do this yourself!

New Way to Show Off Your Mods:
User Profile Pages

May 3, 2016

Carlosiscool Profile Zoom In

There’s a new way for LearnToMod users to show off their mod portfolios! Showcase your favorite Minecraft and Vox-L mods, schematics, and texture packs in your new Profile page. Make everyone jealous of your mad skills.

Weekly Livestream: Let’s Play Aggravating Games!

Aggravating Games

The Content Crew plays a new aggravating mini-game that builds a maze with invisible walls. The objective of the game is to first collect the armor and sword, find the battling arena, and defeat the enemies! But… you’re not able to cheat, can’t type commands, and can’t break the walls!

Steve, I Am Your Father:
Star Wars Mod

Star Wars Mod

Use force lightning. Lift your enemies into the air. Wield a lightsaber. What more could you want from a Star Wars mod? And because it’s on LearnToMod, you have full control over customizing this mod and making it your own!

Vox-L Release 0.12 and New Curated Mods

March 31, 2016

New Curated Vox-L Mods We’ve specifically made some mods that are playable in your browser using the Vox-L game engine! But of course these mods should work in Minecraft too. LearnToMod modders can explore and remix this code to create their own mini-games: Want to make your own Vox-L mod? Carlos, one of our LearnToMod devs, has […]

Mini-Release, Vox-L Version 0.11

March 22, 2016

Version 0.11 was released this morning, shortly after our version 0.10 release last week, to patch the Vox-L music bug some users were facing and to release the start of a new inventory system in Vox-L! There’s definitely more to come for customizing your Vox-L character and using the new inventory system! Here are the actual release notes from the developers: […]

New Vox-L Features, Artifacts, and Curated Mods

March 18, 2016

New Curated Mods Our team has been working on some pretty fantastic Minecraft mods this week! But feel free to take our code, remix it, and make it your own. That’s what we’re here for!   Vox-L version 0.10 is live on LearnToMod! The release notes from the developers reveal tons of awesome new features to play with: […]

One Hit EnderDragons:
OP Sword Mod

March 15, 2016

Ender Dragon One Hit with OP Sword Mod

This mod is simple, but deadly. LearnToMod makes it ridiculously easy to manipulate the abilities of items in Minecraft. Check out how easy LearnToMod makes Minecraft modding…

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