Master Modder, Balthatrix (Jeron), released his Team Deathmatch Games library to help LearnToMod users create the coolest multiplayer mini-games.

This library helps Minecraft modders implement:

  • Player join/respawn mechanics
  • Cool effect like fireworks on player kills
  • Arena cages on initial spawn
  • Game-mode management
  • Building a map (you just need to specify a schematic)
  • Toggling multiple rejoins/multiple rounds of the game once you’ve set up the spawn points
  • Announcing a winning team when a specified winning score is reached

Interested in making a Team Deathmatch-type mini-game? Check out the video Jeron produced to help modders implement mini-games with his amazing library:

And check out the folks on our team playing one of these Team Deathmatch here.

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