Modding Tutorials

Minecraft was not intended to be “easy” to mod. Now, our modding tutorials are here to help!

LearnToMod contains hundreds of engaging tutorials, puzzles, and videos to get you modding Minecraft within minutes. We’ll teach you how to make new items, how to manipulate every aspect of the Minecraft world, and how to design your own mini-games!

Try to earn all 300+ badges!

Start your Minecraft modding journey using drag-and-drop Blockly programming and, when you’re ready, graduate to Javascript. Mods install automatically to your LearnToMod private server!

Vox-L Game Engine

Vox-L is a game engine that looks similar to Minecraft, but which you can play and mod in your browser! Vox-L makes testing your Minecraft mods quick and easy because in LearnToMod, you literally mod on top of Vox-L.

Plus, Vox-L is more open-ended than Minecraft. We’re adding tons of cool content to Vox-L (called Artifacts) that you can earn as you progress through the LearnToMod software. You can earn pets that follow you around, a new Skybox that makes it looks like you’re on an alien planet, or even a light saber to use with your mods.

Private Minecraft Servers

We’ve designed special private Minecraft servers that are moddable at the click of a button. After you create your own mod and test it in Vox-L, click the “Mod” button to export your mod to your private multiplayer Minecraft server. Making a Minecraft mod & playing it has never been so easy!

Just point, click, and play!

You can invite your friends to join your private server at anytime! Give them your special access code to permit them into your personal, private Minecraft world.

You can also install texture packs and worlds on your private server at the click of a button! We’ve got hundreds of texture packs and worlds on LearnToMod and modders are making more everyday.

Texture Pack Painter

Have an idea for a new texture pack? Want to create your own custom armor set? Want to change the way all the mobs look? With our in-browser texture pack editor, you can change the way any item or mob in Minecraft looks!

And because Vox-L is compatible with all Minecraft assets (worlds, texture packs, schematics, mods, creatures, items), you can test your new textures out in Vox-L before you load it onto your Minecraft private server.

And, of course, don’t forget to share your texture packs with the community!

Schematics Builder

Build new schematics with all the usual Minecraft blocks in your browser! Now you can build anywhere – even at school!

By creating schematics, you essentially create a “blueprint” that can be used in your Minecraft mods to create repeating structures or procedurally generate landscape features in Minecraft.