Version 0.11 was released this morning, shortly after our version 0.10 release last week, to patch the Vox-L music bug some users were facing and to release the start of a new inventory system in Vox-L!

New Vox-L Inventory System

There’s definitely more to come for customizing your Vox-L character and using the new inventory system! Here are the actual release notes from the developers:

* New artifact: Lets you set the default music volume
* Without the artifact, the music volume is 0.2 (much quieter than before)

* Pressing ‘e’ brings up an inventory window and a character window.
* Character window shows a rendering of the player’s avatar with items equipped.
* Items can be dragged between the two windows and the hotbar. (NOTE: dragging only works in the downloaded version currently. Will work in the browser on the next release.)

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