New Curated Mods

Our team has been working on some pretty fantastic Minecraft mods this week! But feel free to take our code, remix it, and make it your own. That’s what we’re here for!

Star Wars Force Mod

The Star Wars Force Mod implements lightsabers, the force, force lightning, and a pretty awesome texture pack!

Paintball Mini-Game Mod

In the Paintball Mini-Game Mod, play a multiplayer paintball game with your friends – Eggs vs. Snowballs! The arena is different EVERY TIME!

OP Sword Mod

It’s time to one-hit kill some Ender Dragons with the OP Sword Mod. What other weapons could you make OP? Remix this mod and find out!


Vox-L version 0.10 is live on LearnToMod!

The release notes from the developers reveal tons of awesome new features to play with:

World Persistence:
* Changes made in Vox-L worlds will now be saved automatically
* Schematics will be automatically created out of things you build in Vox-L
* Editing these schematics in the schematic editor will change the in-Vox-L structures and vice versa
* Schematics from can be loaded into Minecraft and vice versa (was already a feature, but more significant now that schematics are generated automatically in Vox-L)
Player is now a physical object:
* Player will get knocked back by attacking creatures
* Player can push other physical objects out of the way
* Player is affected by gravity blocks (see below)
* Player’s head bobs when player lands
* Several procedural music tracks are automatically mixed at runtime to produce ambient music
New World Artifact:
* Stone Island world.  Small world that loads quickly.  Good for testing.  Looks cool with the Earth skybox (feels like you’re on the moon).
New Weapon Artifacts:
* Black hole wand
* Sun wand
* Diamond wand
* Fire sword
* Lightning Mace
Light Saber Artifact

Use the force inside of Vox-L! Check out the new Light Sabers in the Artifacts Shop!

* Light Saber Pack:
    * Blue
    * Red
    * Green
    * Purple
Custom Block Artifacts:
* Pack of 6 Mario-themed blocks
Mario-themed Blocks in Vox-L

Ready to break some blocks, Mario-style? Check out the new Mario Blocks in the Artifacts Shop!

* Pack of 25 spaceship themed sci-fi blocks
Gameplay Artifacts:
* Gravity block (attracts nearby physical objects — NPCs, players, balls, block drops, etc.).  Multiple gravity blocks can be used in tandem to multiple physical forces on things.
Gravity Block in Vox-L

This green block has a gravitational pull! WHAT!? Check out the new Gravity Block in the Artifacts Shop!

* Block drops — Breaking blocks will drop an item pickup of the broken block’s type.
* Downloaded Vox-L will display “Loading…” in bottom left when the in-game browser is loading (helps ameliorate the feeling that the game is not responding when you click a UI element that loads a new page).
* Downloaded Vox-L’s normal blockly coding interface (non-badges) now has a back button in the tool bar.
* Web version loads slightly faster when you have large numbers of artifacts or a large persistent world

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