13 New LearnToMod Badges for 2018

February 12, 2018

13 New LearnToMod Badges for 2018

We’ve been busy creating a ton of new content for our LearnToMod users the last few months. A lot of users have been asking for new badges that they could have fun with so we created 4 new themes! Pac-Man (4 badges) http://mod.learntomod.com/badge_pointers/9297 Mini Game: Find the Block! (4 badges) http://mod.learntomod.com/badge_pointers/9294 Cookie Clicker (3 badges)  http://mod.learntomod.com/badge_pointers/9292 […]

Power Rangers Minecraft Modding Badge – Mighty Morph Time!

October 12, 2017

Power Rangers Badge Minecraft Mod Banner

Learn how to mod Power Rangers in Minecraft with our new Mighty Morph Time badge! You will need a LearnToMod account to access the badge tutorial page. This badge is the first badge in our Power Rangers badge series. You’ll learn how to create a mod that allows the player to morph into one of […]

4 Real World Skills Minecraft Teaches Kids

August 30, 2017


Taking a quick look at Minecraft’s surface would tell you it’s a simple survival sandbox which allows you to do pretty much anything your imagination desires. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll realize that Minecraft also offers many skills to be learned, as creating functional Solid State Drives or scientific calculators in a video […]

Freeze Entity Minecraft Mod Guide

May 11, 2017

Freeze Entity Banner

What is the Freeze Entity Mod? Creepers and zombies and all other types of crazy entities roam the Minecraft world, making it sometimes impossible to survive. While fighting these entities, sometimes they respond too quickly, causing you more damage than the other way around. We at LearnToMod created a “freeze entity” mod that will help […]

LearnToMod’s Unique Blockly Coding

April 16, 2017

learntomod blockly screen

Text-based vs Visual-based Coding Coding is often thought to be extremely complicated and too intricate for younger children to learn. However, LearnToMod helps to simplify these concepts so that students of any age can more easily and quickly pick up the ideas. There are two different types of programming: text-based and visual-based. The prior is […]

Mod Minecraft with LearnToMod Badge Lessons!

March 17, 2017

LearnToMod Badge Tutorial

Getting Started Coding is not the easiest thing to learn; it may sometimes be tedious and frustrating, especially for younger kids. However, LearnToMod is an amazing way to turn a difficult task into a more engaging and interesting challenge for students. By using Minecraft, an interactive game, LearnToMod teaches students computer science while having fun. […]

8 Questions to Prove Your Minecraft History Knowledge

March 1, 2017

minecraft cube background

If you can get at least 6 questions right you’re a true fan. If not, we’re afraid you’re just a bandwagoner (just kidding!). Try to see if you know some of Minecraft’s beginnings! Questions When did Minecraft exit Beta and officially become a finished game? 2010 2011 2009 2012 When was Minecraft’s first playable version […]

Twilight Forest Mod In-depth Review

February 23, 2017

twilight forest mod image 1

Twilight Forest is a pretty unique Minecraft mod that adds a whole new realm to the game to go along with the Nether and the End. What to Expect Jumping right in, the new realm, called Twilight Forest, adds a ton of new features to revitalize the game. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering […]

Top Minecraft Mods from January

February 22, 2017

storage drawers mod

Storage Drawers Storage Drawers is a mod for Minecraft that adds a new storage option to the game in the form of drawers, as the name might suggest. For those of you who are organization freaks like me, this mod will be the solution to all of your organizational problems in the games’ stock chests. […]

Biggest News in Minecraft 2016

February 5, 2017

Minecraft exploration update

Regarding Minecraft, 2016 has been a relatively slow year for the PC version, with Microsoft and Mojang working hard to bring PC features over to the Console and Pocket Editions. However, the biggest news of the year for the PC version would be the release of the much-anticipated Exploration Update which is one of the […]

Top Mods for a Very Minecraft Thanksgiving

November 26, 2016

thanksgiving mod

Looking to play some Thanksgiving-themed Minecraft with the family this Thursday? Or maybe spending it alone, or in travel, and still want to find a way to celebrate? Look no further; here are a few Minecraft mods that will bring in some holiday spirit and re-ignite your passion for the game. It will bring in […]

How to Give LearnToMod as a
Gift for the Holidays

November 9, 2016

Christmas Holiday Gift Cards for LearnToMod

We get this question every year from parents: How do I give LearnToMod to my kids as a gift? This year, we’re making it easy for parents by sharing a printable holiday gift cards that explain all the Minecraft Modding tools and fun your student will get with their gift!

Learn JavaScript Together with Minecraft and LearnToMod

October 24, 2016

minecraft bg

JavaScript is used for many different things on the Internet and in our computers. Chances are that you’ve even used an application coded in JavaScript every time you’ve opened your computer! JavaScript has quickly become an essential for things like designing user-friendly, low-demand websites, desktop & mobile widgets, adding moving objects to your webpage and […]

Reinvent your Minecraft with September’s Top Mods

October 1, 2016

september mod feature

Top Sept. mod 1: ComputerCraft In short, ComputerCraft implements small, programmable computers into your Minecraft. Using the Lua programming language, you can program your computer to do just about anything; from programming a simple game of snake to programming a computer to do your wood harvesting, to creating a game of text-based Minecraft. Updated for 1.10 […]

Top August Mods to Re-experience Minecraft

September 17, 2016

mystery block

Minecraft in its vanilla state is already a fantastic game, offering thousands of hours of entertainment, with the option of doing it by yourself or with friends. This can, of course, be expanded by looking into some mods from Minecraft’s enormous modding community. For some, the search might seem intimidating or require time simply not available, […]

LearnToMod on a Raspberry Pi

May 19, 2016

Raspberry Pi + LearnToMod

Recently, we experimented with connecting LearnToMod to a Raspberry Pi. Now we’re able to control LEDs connected to the Raspberry Pi from inside Minecraft! Check out our instructions for how to do this yourself!

Weekly Livestream: Let’s Play Aggravating Games!

May 3, 2016

Aggravating Games

The Content Crew plays a new aggravating mini-game that builds a maze with invisible walls. The objective of the game is to first collect the armor and sword, find the battling arena, and defeat the enemies! But… you’re not able to cheat, can’t type commands, and can’t break the walls!

Steve, I Am Your Father:
Star Wars Mod

Star Wars Mod

Use force lightning. Lift your enemies into the air. Wield a lightsaber. What more could you want from a Star Wars mod? And because it’s on LearnToMod, you have full control over customizing this mod and making it your own!

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