What is Modding?
What is LearnToMod?

“Modding is just another word for modify”. Have you ever played Monopoly and changed the rules a little, to speed up the game? Then you already have experience in modding!

Minecraft is not the first video game to be “moddable”, but, until recently, modding was only truly accessible to professional computer programmers who have the skills to write complex code.

LearnToMod is a software that makes Minecraft modding (i.e. coding) more accessible to everyone. LearnToMod teaches students as young as 7 years old through engaging tutorials and an easy-­to­-use coding interface. Students are able to mod every aspect of Minecraft, while learning a valuable life-long skill: coding.

For kids who want to take Minecraft to the next level, LearnToMod.com is a great way to control the rules of Minecraft through making their own mods using a Scratch-like block language or Javascript.
Tim Coop - A Parent & Teacher

Why Learn Coding?

Professions involving computer programming consistently top the charts as some of the highest paying, highest satisfaction jobs out there! And these fields are growing at a rapid pace. In the United States, our education system just isn’t keeping up with the demand for more programmers, which means these skills are in high demand.

A student that starts learning the art of coding now will have access to some of the highest earning jobs in the future.

  • 1,000,000 more jobs than students by 2020

  • The job/student gap in computer science

Why choose LearnToMod?

Here are our reasons why you should choose LearnToMod to learn code with Minecraft:

  • Expertise. The LearnToMod Team are experts in computer science education and methodology. We have decades of cumulative experience teaching students in person how to code (and we’ve got Ph.D.’s!) We’ve transformed all of our knowledge into an engaging educational experience for novice and experienced students alike.
  • Passion. We’re passionate about engaging students through video games. Video games already engage students. If we can teach through video games, it’s a win-win for us and students!
  • Engaging Content. We’re constantly adding more educational content and features to keep kids coming back for more fun! LearnToMod isn’t a “static” software. We release new content often to keep up student engagement!
  • Cost Effective. We believe Minecraft modding education shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We keep our prices low and stay competitive.
  • Beginner Friendly. We’re the only Minecraft modding software that was originally designed for beginners! Students can start learning how to code using Blockly, a visual programming language similar to MIT’s Scratch. But more advanced students can also mod Minecraft using Javascript!
The LearnToMod curriculum has been a wonderful, engaging platform for my young kids. The browser-based block programming environment gave the kids confidence regardless of their typing, spelling, and programming comprehension.
Dina Berry - Mother of 2

Looking for Additional Educational Resources?

Our Team wrote the book on modding Minecraft!

Minecraft Modding for Kids, which is part of Wiley & Son’s For Dummies series, provides an introduction to designing mini­-game Minecraft mods using the LearnToMod software. This is a great place to start if your student wants to design their own Minecraft mini­-game mod! Plus, the book comes with a bonus: a 3-month subscription to LearnToMod’s private Minecraft servers. You can purchase the book here.

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