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We offer the LearnToMod software for free to all educators (for-profit and non-profit, alike) to use with their students. We also offer it free to libraries and educational organizations like coding clubs for Minecraft Education.

Teacher Account Features

  • Grant your students access to create their own free LearnToMod accounts. Students will have access to all the same features available in the paid version of LearnToMod, including the 250+ computer science badges
  • Separate students into classes
  • Monitor student progress as they progress through badges
  • Until the class ends, students have unlimited, free access to LearnToMod and a few hours of access per day to our Minecraft servers, but only during class-time
  • Buy Minecraft accounts for your classroom, or use our free, built-in Vox-L mod testing tool

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We love the LearnToMod project, and our students and campers love it too! It's a very powerful way to combine learning with fun! Just like hiding spinach in the spaghetti sauce...!
-Shannon Landin, Codecraft Lab (Melbourne, Florida)

LearnToMod: Motivating Student Learning

Every aspect of LearnToMod was designed specifically with learning in mind. We’ve used our years of research experience in Computer Science Education to design an engaging, educational experience for you and your students! Plus, from our own experience teaching hundreds of kids around San Diego, we can attest that LearnToMod really does get kids excited about coding!

To get the latest tips on motivating student learning, join our free Coursera course for Educators using LearnToMod. Get help from Computer Science Education Guru, Dr. Sarah Guthals, and get access to lesson plans developed by the LearnToMod Educator community!

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As a teacher, I appreciate a platform that gives me support when I need it, and enables me to assign my own mod challenges for students to solve.
-Melanie Kusmik, TechVenture Kids (Issaquah, WA)

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Fill out our online form and within 48 hours you’ll receive a free LearnToMod teacher access key that you can use in your classroom, along with more instructions about how to use your account.

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How Can You Support LearnToMod?

Although the NSF has helped to fund LearnToMod’s early development, subscription purchases of the software help fund our developers so that we can continue to release new material that’s engaging for students!

We hope that you’ll encourage your students to purchase a copy of LearnToMod after your class ends, so that they can continue to learn and create at home! These purchases also allow us to create new CS curriculum and new classroom tools.