1. Journey Map

Journey Map

All I can say is: WOW! JourneyMap is a great addition that can only enhance your Minecraft experience, whether in creative or in survival. JourneyMap introduces a mini-map that sits in the upper right corner of your screen and updates in real-time to show mobs, pets, creatures, and villagers. You can expand the map at any time by pressing “j” to get a better look at your surroundings; once there, you can zoom in and out, toggle on and off what creatures the map shows, and even place waypoints! Waypoints are one of the most exciting features, allowing you to name and place any number of spots in the world that you can teleport back to any time you want. Once placed, your waypoint will emit light like a beacon so that you can see where you left it, no matter how far you wander away! JourneyMap makes adventuring a whole lot more fun; check it out here!

Journey Map Screenshot


2. Inventory Pets

Inventory PetsInventory Pets is one of my favorite mods. It adds 45 unique characters to Minecraft, each with a special ability that makes playing Minecraft a lot more fun! Inventory Pets gives you the ability to walk on water, reverse gravity, throw bananas, summon minions, and even slow down time. All of these fun characters have a ton of unique features: each can be given their own custom name, created with their own custom recipe, and they eat special foods to replenish their energy. You can use several abilities at one time by having up to 9 pets in your hotbar; for example, one of the coolest combinations lets you spawn a lightning bolt while walking on water and make all the mobs around you float in the air — at the same time! Inventory Pets has gained popularity in the last year and has been included in several of my favorite modpacks. It’s so popular that the creator Purplicious_Cow started an expansion that would allow you to create custom mobs, but soon it morphed into it’s own awesome mod. For more information on recipes and special abilities for Inventory Pets, click here!

Inventory Pets Screenshot


3. Silent’s Gems

Silent's GemsSometimes mining for diamonds just isn’t enough. SilentChaos512, the creator of Silent’s Gems was aware of that problem and went to town with a fix! This mod adds 12 new gemstones to Minecraft which can be crafted into a variety of new tools and armor. There are tons of great features to explore in Silent’s Gems; from redstone teleporter blocks to items that spawn tamed cats and dogs, this mod has something for everyone. It would honestly be easier to mention what this mod doesn’t have. My favorite feature is the level of freedom it has to offer when it comes to item crafting. Once an item has been crafted, you can modify it’s looks with the new materials that have been added to the world. I went ahead and created an Onyx pickaxe with sapphire and iolite tips, a ruby pommel and a gray handle. Yeah, this sweet custom made mining tool also has an amazing +10 attack damage! The possibilities are almost literally endless. If you would like to create your own custom weapon and/or explore an enhanced Minecraft world, try Silent’s Gems! You can find it here!

Silent's Gems Screenshot

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