Our Mission

We dare to inspire the next generation of coders by making the modding of video games as accessible to students around the world as possible. Our passion for creating software that is engaging and powerful enables us to share the thrill and creativity of coding video games with young minds across the globe.

And LearnToMod isn’t the only way we’re fulfilling this mission! Check out our other games and technologies here.

Our Team

  • Stephen Foster, Ph.D.

    Lead Software Developer

  • Lindsey Handley, Ph.D.

    Business Development

  • Jeron Paraiso

    Software Developer

  • Caitlin Neff

    Software Developer

  • Ken Tien

    Digital Strategist

  • Sonny Najar

    Content Developer

  • Carlos Herrera

    Content Developer

  • Erik Larson

    Content Developer

  • Lieren Handley

    Customer Support

  • Kelly Chinh

    Customer Support


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