Computer Science Education with Minecraft

What better way is there for students to learn Computer Science than in the context of their favorite video game?

Our expert teaching staff teach hundreds of kids every day around San Diego using Minecraft! Now we’re ready to share our teachers with the world. Why would you learn computer science anywhere else?

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Introduction to Computer Science with Minecraft

Ages 8-14, Beginner-Advanced

In this self-paced online course, professional computer science instructors, who teach hundreds of students in the San Diego area, will teach your student the skills they need to succeed at Minecraft Modding. The best part? Their newfound coding skills will transfer to pretty much any other programming language!

What Kids Get

  • 10-weeks worth of educational content: video lectures, homework, and quizzes that teach them how to mod their favorite video game
  • Self-paced format: students can complete the course on their own time
  • Online help whenever they need it
  • BonusĀ 1-year subscription to LearnToMod with purchase of the course

What Parents Are Saying

“You guys are really great, he is getting so much out of the course it’s amazing! (And his English is really improving as well :-))”
–Parent, Israel
“My two kids are loving it! They are taking it very seriously and always want to make the greatest assignments. You are making two kids very happy :-)”
–Parent, Switzerland
“I am amazed by the knowledge my son has gained through this course. Especially how you manage to convey complex and highly abstract concepts to a boy of 10. As an experienced educator myself, I congratulate you all for a job well done!”
–Parent & Educator, United Kingdom


What Kids Are Saying

“I really enjoyed it! The class was fun, challenging, and I am really looking forward to learning more!”
–9-year old boy, U.K.
“The livestreams with the teachers were my favorite part! If we didn’t have questions that day, they’d teach us how to build the coolest mods!”
–13-year old girl, California


Introduction to Computer Science with Minecraft has really been a hit with both of my kids, 10 and 12! Thanks to for the excellent training!!
Parent of Two Boys (Sweden)

Art of World Building in Minecraft

Ages 7-12, Beginner-Advanced

Students will learn how to use the tools professional Minecraft builders use to create epic worlds in Minecraft. This course includes:

  • Free 2-months access to LearnToMod & private Minecraft servers with purchase of the course
  • 20 hours of course content, including self-paced video lectures, assignments, and a final project
  • Five 2-hr Minecraft server sessions with instructors to practice Minecraft world building skills

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Artificial Intelligence & Minecraft

Ages 12+, Beginner-Advanced

Learn how to be a Minecraft Master by learning how to program the artificial intelligence of Minecraft mobs.

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Cyber Security and Minecraft

Ages 13+, Intermediate-Advanced

Learn cyber security by setting up (and hacking) your own Minecraft servers. Learn how to secure your servers against hackers and griefers. And if your server DOES get hacked, learn how to figure out who did it.

Skills Students Will Gain Experience in:

  • Linux
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Command line programming
  • Plugin installation

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