Regarding Minecraft, 2016 has been a relatively slow year for the PC version, with Microsoft and Mojang working hard to bring PC features over to the Console and Pocket Editions. However, the biggest news of the year for the PC version would be the release of the much-anticipated Exploration Update which is one of the most significant updates to the game in recent memory.

Minecraft exploration update

The update added tons of new features that are meant to encourage you to leave your home base and chase some new and incredibly powerful loot. It brought many things only seen in mods or previously thought impossible. An example would be llamas that can carry a chest’s worth of items and form a caravan to follow you back to your home base, or even a new villager called the Cartographer, who will sell you a map leading to an ocean monument or a woodland mansion.

At the woodland mansion, you’ll meet the update’s brand new characters: The Illagers, which are a variant of the Villagers in the game and are the defenders of the woodland mansion and it’s hidden treasures. These new characters can place various traps, and summon new mobs called Vexes, which you’ll find to be very Imp-like.

Upon conquering the woodland mansion, you’ll find yourself an item that we’ve never seen before both in mods and in Minecraft: The Totem of the Undying, which gives you the ability to bring yourself back from the dead.

All these additions and more are what makes the Exploration Update by far the biggest Minecraft news of 2016.


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