Learn how to mod Power Rangers in Minecraft with our new Mighty Morph Time badge! You will need a LearnToMod account to access the badge tutorial page.

This badge is the first badge in our Power Rangers badge series. You’ll learn how to create a mod that allows the player to morph into one of the five power rangers when the player is holding onto that power ranger’s morphing item. The mod updates the texture packet to have all five types of armor textured to look like Power Ranger suits and weapons that are inspired by the ones in the power ranger movies.

Everyone has a superhero they wish they could be and if that superhero for you was one of the Power Rangers, you can now fulfill that wish! In this first mod of our Power Rangers series, you will create a mod that allows your player to morph into any Power Ranger they want. Ready? It’s morphing time. Power Rangers, Go!


Step 1:

For this mod you will need two functions: your “main” function and your “changeArmour” function with info. The info of “changeArmour” will help you get the player’s information, such as what is in the player’s hand. You will want to know this since what is in the player’s hand will determine which Power Ranger the player gets to morph into.

What to add in your main function:

  • Upload the texture pack “svphan-power_rangers”. When uploading the mod, you’ll also upload the texture pack that retextures the items and armour in Minecraft to make them look more Power Ranger like.
  • Add an event block that will call your “changeArmour” function whenever your player has a specific item in hand.
step 1 change armor event block

Step 2:

Make sure your player has everything they need to morph. Give them 1 of each item: DIAMOND, COAL, FIREBALL, EMERALD, and GOLD_INGOT.

Each of these 5 items, when held by the player, will cause the player to turn into a different type of Power Ranger.

step 2 power ranger items

Step 3:

In your “changeArmour” function, create 3 variables that will get information on what is in the player’s hand.

step 3 changearmour function

Step 4:

Next, your code should check what item the player is holding so it knows which Power Ranger the player intends to morph into. To do this, create an if block with four else statements, each representing a different choice of Power Ranger.

step 4 holding what

Step 5:

For each of the if/else if statements, add the equalsblock to compare the itemType of the item in the player’s hands and the different items given to you in the main function. In the texture pack, this is what Power Ranger each item corresponds to:

  • DIAMOND – Morphs you into the blue Power Ranger
  • COAL – Morphs you into the black Power Ranger
  • FIREBALL – Morphs you into the red Power Ranger
  • EMERALD – Morphs you into the pink Power Ranger
  • GOLD_INGOT – Morphs you into the yellow Power Ranger
step 5 if else

Step 6:

In the first if statement, if the player is holding an item with the type of DIAMOND, you want the player to morph into the blue Power Ranger.

The blue Power Ranger’s armour is the diamond armour. To change each piece, go to the “Players” tab and place four Change Armour Piece blocks in the first if statement.

  • Now, change your player’s armour a piece at a time by using the drop down menu on the Change Armour Piece block. All suits need a helmet, chestplate, legs and boots.
  • In the first blank slot of the first Change armour piece block, choose the new item of material block from the “Items” tab. Find the corresponding diamond armour pieces from the “Materials” tab and set the amount to 1.
step 6 accurate morphing

Step 7:

For the comparisons between the itemType and the materials COAL, FIREBALL, EMERALD, and GOLD-INGOT, repeat what you did for the first comparison, but replace “diamond” with different materials. Each Power Ranger should be suited in the following pieces of armour: Here is the corresponding armour pieces for each Power Ranger:

  • DIAMOND armour is for the blue Power Ranger
  • IRON armour is for the black Power Ranger
  • LEATHER armour is for the red Power Ranger
  • CHAINMAIL armour is for the pink Power Ranger
  • GOLD armour is for the yellow Power Ranger
step 7 power ranger final

You did it!

Now that you know how to look like a Power Ranger, stay tuned for our next badge to activate the powers that come along with being a Power Ranger!


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