We’ve been busy creating a ton of new content for our LearnToMod users the last few months. A lot of users have been asking for new badges that they could have fun with so we created 4 new themes!

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Pac-Man Minecraft Badges

Pac-Man LearnToMod Banner

Ever wonder how you could recreate your favorite game in Minecraft? We have the badges to get you started! You’ll learn how to recreate Pac-Man with the sequence below:

  1. Rebuilding Pacman: Making the Maze
  2. Rebuilding Pacman: Tracking Pellets
  3. Run Away from the Ghosts!
  4. Rebuilding Pacman: Putting it All Together

Each of the individual badges can be found on the Pac-Man badge main page.


Mini Game: Find the Block!

LearnToMod Mini Game Banner

To follow the theme of cubes, we created a mini-game to have with blocks and mystery boxes! If you ever wanted to learn how to manipulate blocks then this badge sequence is for you.

You’ll learn from the badges below:

  1. Placing the Block
  2. Finding Distance from Block
  3. Finding the Block and Generating New Blocks
  4. Mystery Box

Each of the individual badges can be found on the Find the Block badge main page.


Cookie Clicker

LearnToMod Cookie Clicker Banner

How cool would it be to make cookies and click for items? This is a small fun mod to play around with!

  1. Cookie Clicker: Making Cookies!
  2. Click the Cookie!
  3. Cookie Clicker: Clicks for Items!

Each of the individual badges can be found on the Cookie Clicker badge main page.


Power Rangers

LearnToMod Power Rangers Banner

Saving the best for last… Power Rangers! We had part 1 of the Power Ranger badge late last year, but we now have the full set for you. Learn how to mod Minecraft Rangers in our Power Rangers series:

  1. Might Morph Time
  2. Fight Like a Power Ranger
  3. Power Ranger vs Multiplying Entities

Each of the individual badges can be found on the Power Ranger badge main page.


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