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How to Mod Minecraft with LearnToMod

Easily mod Minecraft online with Blocks or Javascript. Don't worry, we'll teach you the basics of programming Minecraft!
Mod Minecraft with drag and drop programming
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Learn to Mod Minecraft without typing. Learn coding concepts without annoying syntax errors. Blocks are every bit as powerful as JavaScript, and they're easier to use.

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Learn how to mod Minecraft in Javascript
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Learn to Mod Minecraft with one of the most popular programming languages. It's the language of the web and extremely versatile. Impress your friends with your mods and your coding skills.

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Lessons and Video Tutorials

And remember, you're never alone. We have hundreds of lessons, video tutorials, puzzles, and badges to make sure that anyone can learn to mod Minecraft.

LearnToMod for K-12

If you want to use LearnToMod for free in your classroom to teach kids to code, we can help! You don't need coding experience. Email learntomod@thoughtstem.com.